Project name:
Animal Activist Support Line

The Animal Activist Support Line was created to help activists avoid and overcome burnout and to reduce recidivism among vegetarians/vegans. Activists can receive 24/7 support via text, email, or online chat.

I was inspired to create this project after seeing countless activists leave the movement and after personally struggling with burnout. There was a need for 24-hr, accessible, and anonymous support for activists to help them cope with trauma, stress, mental health challenges, poor social support systems, and other issues that activists and vegans confront daily. The service’s text-based support model allows people who reach out for support to set the pace and feel in control. It also allows them to access support in situations where they might not feel comfortable calling a hotline or where they do not have the privacy to do so. Support is offered for free by professional counselors who are also vegan animal rights activists.