1000+ Design Projects
$1.25mil Fundraised
500+ Youth Counseled
100,000+ Leaflets 


  • 9 years vegan
  • Mentored 30+ activists
  • Fostered ~25  rescued animals
  • Trained 213 volunteers
  • 6 organizations founded
  • Membership on 8 Boards of Directors
  • Granted 14 top scholarships
  • 16 websites designed

Marketing Skills

Graphic Design
Social Media
Video Production
Web Design

Project Management Skills

Campaign Development (8 Years)
Volunteer/Staff Coordination (8 Years)
Report/Grant Writing (4 Years)
Community Engagement (9 Years)
Administration/Management (4 Years)

2016 - Present
Animal Activist Support Line
Founder & Counselor
I created the Animal Activist Support Line to address activist burnout and recidivism. I designed the project’s website (, develop online and print design work, and manage social media content. I coordinate a team of animal activist counselors to provide free 24/7 text messaging, email, and online chat support to activists and vegans across North America. 

2010 - Present
Canadian Animal Liberation Movement
Program Manager
I focus on mentoring young activists to become more effective. Each year I design and distribute hundreds of thousands of outreach materials to young activists across Canada. I have delivered three-day training camps to dozens of activists, covering topics like effective outreach, direct action campaign development, avoiding and healing from activist burnout, and social movement intersectionality.
2011 - Present
The Brock Sexual Violence Support Centre
Founder & Support Services Coordinator
I secured $210,000 of annualized funding to support Brock University students who had experienced sexual violence. I developed a ten-week training program that I have used to train and coordinate over 150 volunteers. I launched and manage innovative 24/hr support services, including Canada’s first sexual assault centre texting line. I developed and oversee proactive education programs, including professional development for university staff and faculty, classroom workshops, and a unique weekly bar outreach initiative.
2013 - 2015
Fed Up: The Affordable Food Project
Co-Founder & Project Coordinator
I co-founded this initiative and fundraised $250,000 to provide thousands of postsecondary students with free, healthy vegan food. I produced online and print marketing materials and networked with community stakeholders.
2014 - 2016
Gillian's Place
I sat on the Board of Directors of Gillian’s Place, an organization that offers counseling and shelter to women and children escaping intimate partner violence. As the youngest person to sit on their Board, I provided strategic visioning, organizational governance, and helped manage a $2 million budget.
2011 - 2016
Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo
Volunteer Crisis Counselor
I provided immediate crisis support and advocacy for survivors of sexual violence on SASC’s 24/hr crisis line. I accompanied survivors to the hospital for sexual assault evidence kits and to court to testify. I represented the organization at community events and lead anti-violence workshops at local schools.
Golden Key Undergraduate Achievement Award
Ontario Volunteer Service Award
Mattinson Award for Students
Canada Safety Council Scholarship
Fessenden-Trott Scholarship
Melvin Perlman Scholarship
Rosalind Blauer Award
Prime Minister's Award Nominee
Brock Leaders Citizenship Award
Brock Scholars Award